About Cryptouniverse.io – A Cloudmining Review

Have you ever thought of mining bitcoins and making money with them?

If you then find out about the hardware costs, the sometimes complicated connection to mining pools and then a likely profit calculation, you will quickly find that it is not only expensive, but that electricity costs are ultimately the decisive factor.

Ultimately, the cost of electricity determines how much Bitcoin or other coins you can mine.

The hardware costs are also upfront costs, which are usually only returned after 1 year at the earliest.

And if you’re not living in Iceland or any other low-power country, the profit will be almost meager, or you’ll even make a loss.

Apart from the maintenance and care of the Miner devices, which mean an additional effort, the Miner devices must also be replaced with new ones again and again in order to receive appropriate mining services so that it is really worthwhile.

Conclusion: Mine mining is often unprofitable.

Cloud mining offers are an interesting and cost-effective alternative.

Here you can either invest in hash contracts or rent miner equipment. These are also serviced and maintained, and you often get the latest mining equipment.

Here too, of course, the electricity costs are decisive for the profit, so that the best miner farms are established in the countries where the electricity is cheapest.

Cryptouniverse is a company that has set up a mining farm in Siberia. Not only are the electricity costs very cheap, but the cold climate is also a great advantage in order to cool the devices better and to protect them from overheating. In addition, this saves a lot of cooling devices.

Cloudmining in Syberia

My experience with Cryptouniverse has been very good so far.
Not only have I been offered good hash contracts and miners with which I have been able to make good profits from mining.

But also the low entry costs under $ 100 make this income opportunity more than interesting.

The advantages of cloud mining with Cryptouniverse compared to self-mining are

  • No acquisition costs and space requirements. The mining equipment is set up on the mining farm and maintained there by the company itself. Maintenance costs are deducted from the mining proceeds daily. What is left is your real winnings.
    _ Unbeatable savings in electricity costs, since in Siberia.
  • Cold climate is ideal to protect the miners from overheating.
  • You can participate with little capital.

The fact is:

Mining is an independent activity.
Cloud mining an investment.

And the special promotions from Cryptouniverse.io are particularly profitable, and I would like to draw your attention to them.

FIFA20 FUTMillionaire Trading Center Autobidder and Autobuyer Review

If you’re a FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Player, you have probably heard of the FIFA Ultimate Team Millionaire Trading Center. It’s by far the most popular Autobuyer and Autobidder in the FUT Market.

FUTMillionaire is widely considering the best FIFA 20 Trading Tool in the World allowing to make an average of 200,000 coins per day when you learn how to use it properly.

In this short report I’m going to tell if I think it’s worth joining it or not.


If you’re a newer gamer without much trading experience and you want to become a really good trader so you can afford players like Ronaldo or Messi, then the FUTMillionaire Trading Center does help you a lot, as it features an exclusive Members Area that provides all the working trading methods that are working right now and that WILL make you coins.

But that’s not the best part. What really sets apart from the rest is they feature MEMBERS ONLY Automatic Trading Robots that you can program in 10 seconds to do ALL the trading for you.

They are really easy to use and with the new FIFA20 version, they even tell you the players you should be trading which is huge.

Currently there are two main modules for this Trading Robot Software, the FIFA20 Ultimate Team Millionaire Autobuyer and the Autobidder module that also bids for items, searches for the best deals and trades 24 hours a day while you’re at work or school.

These trading programs are really, really fast, which means, if you’re using them, human players cannot really compete with you, as the Program will spot any deal in the market and buy it much faster, much before the human players can even start thinking about whether they should.

So you can clearly see how valuable having the FUTMillionaire Trading Robots trading for you and what a game changer they are for anyone who is serious about trading, and probably the only way you have of ever being able to afford your favorite players.


Well for one, if you don’t have rich parents, or you just can’t afford to buy more than a few packs a week, then FUTMillionaire is a SERIOUS MUST HAVE for any serious FIFA gamer.

Packs are fun to open, but they are not really a good investment decision as they rarely have any good players on them, so if you’re opening packs you’re always losing coins, rather than making coins.

FUTMillionaire Trading Center is however, a very intelligent investment, as it the coins you can make with the Program will be worth your investment many times over.

I would definitely recommend it and would rate it 5 stars out of 5.

Check out the Demo Videos

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Beat The Stock Market Analyzer Review

How To Beat The Market
by Grant Gigliotti – Professional Value Investor

This is a practical and proven method which you can use to beat the market consistently.

It focuses on using Warren Buffett’s and Benjamin Graham’s value investing criteria to evaluate stocks. Over the 43 years, this value investing method has produced a return of 400,863% for Warren Buffett vs. 6,840% for the S&P 500.

That’s over 57% greater than the market return.
It’s no luck that Buffett has achieved this phenomenal return. He has followed strict rules of value investing and has based his buying and selling decisions on factual data.

Value investing is not a secret. It’s been around for a long time and has many followers that consistently beat the market. However, you don’t hear much about these value investors because they use a very safe, practical, and non-flashy method of gaining wealth.

If using a simple, low-risk, method of gaining consistent wealth sounds good to you, then keep reading.

⦁ The Secret To Beating The Market

The common sense secret that these value investors use to beat the market is to find good companies at bargain prices.

We use this same concept in everyday life. If you go shopping at the supermarket, you obviously would like to buy a good quality product at a bargain price. For example, buying Coca-Cola at a 50% discount makes logical sense.

⦁ Keep Investing Simple

Stock investing can also be simple, but too many times, we complicate it by filling our heads with the “latest and greatest investing strategies” and trends of money magazines and financial websites.

Many financial advisors also complicate this concept as a way to scare customers into believing that stock investing is some kind of mystery that we couldn’t possibly do on our own. Therefore, many people pay very high fees only to have their financial advisor place them into a cookie-cutter mutual fund.

Fact: “Out of more than 7,000 mutual funds, eight have bested the S&P 500 every year for the past decade. Seriously. Eight.” (The Motley Fool: Housel, 2012)

Fact: Over 79% of Fund Managers fail to beat the S&P 500 consistently. (CNN Money: Braverman, 2012)

⦁ Buy and Sell Based On Factual Data

The numbers do not lie, but people do. Do not base your buying and selling decisions on analysts who easily change their minds from one minute to the next. Also, don’t rely on financial advisors to have some kind of fortune-telling ability to predict the daily ups and downs of the market.

In reality, nobody knows what will happen in the short-term fluctuations of the market. If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re lying.

A proven method that makes logical sense is to base your buying and selling decisions on factual data. Buffett and Graham followed this same advice and would look at a company’s long-term historical data of 5-10 years.

Doing this eliminates the short-term speculation and reduces your risk.

⦁ Find Good Companies To Invest In

(The following info may contain some weird terminology which you’re unfamiliar with. Don’t worry, just keep reading through it and later I’ll make this info more simple and clear.)

After many years of experience, Buffett and Graham were able to select the most essential criteria to evaluate companies in order to find “Good Companies” to invest in.

Some of these criteria include 5-10 year: EPS, ROE, ROIC, GPM, Dividends Yield, Price Growth, Earnings Growth, PEG Ratio, and the Ability To Recover from an Economic Downturn.

After running hundreds of companies through the strict requirements of these essential criteria, you may only have a small handful of companies that meet the qualification of a “Good Company”.

⦁ Find Out If These “Good Companies” are at a Bargain Price

Next, you could use Benjamin Graham’s widely-accepted Intrinsic Value Formula in order to find the estimated value of a stock based on factual data.

After calculating the Intrinsic Value of a stock, you can see if it is at a bargain price by using a Margin of Safety.

The Margin of Safety is used to reduce our risk even more by providing a maximum amount in which we should pay for a stock.

Investing in “Good Companies” at “Bargain Prices” means lowered risks with higher returns.

This is the principle of Value Investing and it works. It is a proven method that consistently beats the market year after year.

⦁ How to Start Using This Method Today

You can use these exact same steps to analyze stocks manually. The general information of how to apply these steps can be found in the following books: The Warren Buffett Way, The Buffettology Series, and The Intelligent Investor.

Or if you want to save time and get started right away, WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW to see how to AUTOMATICALLY analyze stocks to find “Good Companies” at “Bargain Prices”.

To Watch Video, Click The ‘PLAY VIDEO’ Button Below…

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Z-Code Sports Predictions Review

Download your Automated game predictor software for NFL, MLB and NCAA!

Imagine if you had a tool that could predict the results of NFL,

MLB and even NCAA games automatically for you?

Then check this out:

Download game predictor software

My friends geeks from zcode has developed a tool that can put over 80+ parameters

into the forumal to predict the winners with a high accuracy

Here is how works:

1. Choose the game from the list
2. Click “Calculate winner”
3. Win!

Disclaimer: Note that you can lost all your money on betting. All results are past results. There is at last no guarantee, that you become also successfull. Do only invest money which you can loose without getting problems.

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